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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

South Wales Shoulder and Elbow Clinic, CTS
What is it?


One of the most important nerves (ulna nerve) for the movement and feeling in your hand passes by the inner aspect of the elbow. This is sometimes referred to as your 'funny bone'.


This nerve can become compressed within the groove (cubital tunnel) that contains it giving rise to symptoms.



The most common symptoms include discomfort around the cubital tunnel, a tingling feeling from the elbow down into the little finger of the hand and in severe cases can cause a loss of feeling in the little and ring finger of the hand.


In very severe cases, the entrapment of the nerve causes some of the muscles in the hand to become withered and weak.



In many cases, supportive treatment for the first few weeks after the onset of symptoms, is all that is required until symptoms spontaneously resolve. 


However, in those cases where symptoms do not resolve, surgery can be undertaken to gain relief of symptoms.


When the nerve is entrapped chronically causing both loss of feeling and weakness in the hand, surgery is recommended to prevent any further deterioration.

Surgical Treatment


Surgery is a relatively simple procedure carried out as a day case which can be undertaken under both general and regional anaesthetic. 


The elbow is not immobilised and it is anticipated that the you will return back to full pre-operative function within a week to 10 days of surgery.

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